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Make UX Wireframe & Prototype fast and easy directly inside the Elementor Template Library

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Faster Development

Faster web development with Elementor whether you build the page directly or make a UX wireframe to show your client.

Easy Access

Download our free plugin and get easy access of our UX Templates directly inside the Elementor Template Library. 

135+ Templates

We are constantly developing new UX Templates for Elementor Template Library to facilitate your web development. 

Premade Sections

All UX templates are complete with all the modules needed for that particular section. This way you save time and easily build a page with different premade sections. Start by selecting a Header, then maybe a Hero section followed by Feauture and different Layout sections and then finish with a Footer section. You can create wireframes easily and quickly to show your customer before you apply the UI design.

UX tmpl - Premade Sections
UX tmpl - Preconfigured Settings

Preconfigured Settings

All UX templates are designed according to mobile first approach. We mainly use units of measure such as em, rem, vw, vh and % before the static unit px (pixels) for even better responsive webdesign. You can also easily shift columns from right to left or reversed for even better flexibility. With preconfigured settings you can create both UX design and UI design much faster.

How to use it

In this movie we show how easy it is to put together a landing page using our UX templates. Download and install our free plugin, register for PRO and activate your license. Then just get started. Everything is preset such as margins and padding for the best possible mobile and responsive experience. It could not be faster and easier to develop with WordPress and Elementor, the tools we love the most.

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Download our free plugin to make UX Wireframe & Prototype fast and easy directly inside the Elementor Template Library (Pro license recommended).